QCF is an extensive program which involves computational concepts and their applications in the financial services. The projects and assignments cater to multiple subsections of the industry ranging from Risk Modelling, Portfolio Optimization and Trading models. Dr Chava constantly makes an effort to ensure that the curriculum is in line with the industry demands. All in all, this is a perfect blend of theoretical concepts and appropriate practical exposure for the same which helps us develop an all-round skillset for the industry.

Yajnaseni Savarna
Research Analyst - Dimensional Fund Advisors

The combination of academics and career services were the major reasons I chose Tech. Knowing the high technical level of Georgia Tech as well as the high rankings of the QCF program assured me the education I would receive would be useful for my career afterwards. The biggest draw by far was career services however. Having the high placements at solid firms gave me the confidence that I’d be placed well afterwards into a solid career.

Patrick La Fontaine
FX Options Trader - UBS