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Georgia Tech’s Master of Science in Quantitative and Computational Finance program is a professional graduate degree that in three semesters equips graduates with the technical and industry skills to propel a lifelong career in financial markets.

Our mission is to connect students with employers, recruiters and industry professionals, building a rapport to transition MS QCF talent into the companies who hire our students for summer internships and permanent employment.

The MS QCF program provides one-on-one advising, utilizing personal career mentoring and all of Georgia Tech’s career support services to encourage students to hone their passion for quantitative financial disciplines. Resume development, interview practice, employer expectations, networking opportunities and career guidance are part of the portfolio of full-time support offered.

In addition to an exceptional job placement record of graduates, the continually growing success of over 600 alumni in the US and globally prove QCF provides the real skills needed to land and grow into the best careers in all areas of the financial industries: asset management, technical consulting, financial modeling and validation, trading, investment and commercial banking, risk management, financial technology, regulation, and more.

A tightly-knit community environment of uniquely qualified classmates helps drive academic success, building upon over thirteen years of program academic and career success.

GT MS QCF students are hired because:

  • The degree is rigorous: the QCF program’s 12 courses demand that students develop proficiency in multiple programming languages and sophisticated mathematical modeling techniques to be used as tools in the navigation of the practical and theoretical aspects of the finance industry
  • Project based experience prepares students to solve real workplace problems using market data and requiring integrated modeling, programming and financial skillsets
  • Our program is responsive to industry needs: as regulation and innovation change the landscape of financial markets, MS QCF trains students for tomorrow’s job market
  • Reputation: Rankings that the combination of rigor and reward the program emphasizes produces employees who are good at what they do – problem solvers, innovators, and communicators. Thirteen years of recruiting relationships and alumni network building has built a program which augment’s Georgia Tech’s already outstanding reputation for excellence.
  • As one of the only top-ranked MS Financial Engineering program in the southeast, MS QCF continues to lead in multidisciplinary preparation for financial engineering careers. This structure draws from the academic rigor and professional focus which distinguishes Georgia Tech.



Georgia Tech’s MS QCF has consistently competitive acceptance, job placement, and academic statistics. For the second year, the program has been ranked in the top 15 Financial Engineering programs worldwide. Rankings are earned based on a combination of academic, admission and job-placement factors.


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Advising and Resources for Students

MS QCF students benefit from the individual attention of a dedicated Corporate Relations Manager who will advise you from the day of your acceptance into the program until your graduation. Your advisor will know you personally, and will help you discern and prepare for a career that amplifies your strengths.

The MS QCF Corporate Relations Manager also manages relationships with the companies who recruit MS QCF students, helping students demonstrate the skillsets recruiters seek and helping employers make a precise match for their company.

A portfolio of services and tools is at MS QCF student’s fingertips to aid in your job search, resume and interview preparation, and career decision-making:

  • Career Development Workshop: jump in to your career process with a “crash course” to set you in the right direction for networking, communicating your skillset, and job searching
  • Info Sessions: learn about companies and job opportunities directly from hiring managers, peer employees, employed alumni, and Human Resources professionals
  • Speakers Series: develop networking and industry-specific insight from experts, senior managers, scholars, and innovators from news-making companies in the financial industry
  • Resumes: with one-on-one guidance and editing, you will learn to craft a relevant and tailored resume that matches what your potential employers seek; a Resume Book is made available to companies who recruit remotely for internship and full-time positions
  • Interview preparation: learn what to expect in a particular interview from the program’s Career Advisor and classmates; participate in individual mock phone and in-person interviews; participate in interview workshops. Practice is the key!
  • Networking and Professional Events: interact with professionals and QCF alumni at social events; previous collaborating organizations include the Global Association of Risk Management Professionals (GARP) and the South East Hedge Fund Association (SEHFA)
  • Career fairs: students have opportunity to participate in several Georgia Tech career fairs throughout the year in addition to professional association and national industry career fairs
  • Career Buzz: identify and apply to internship and full-time job opportunities through a portal used by recruiters who target Georgia Tech and the MS QCF program for their specific needs
  • Optimal Interview System: learn to see yourself as employers do using this video-based customizable interview practice system
  • Workshops: international education (Visa issues), professional etiquette, technical seminars, case interviewing, communications, language
  • Alumni: MS QCF alumni of all levels of seniority in the quantitative finance industry are active in identifying positions and mentoring potential candidates